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Time to Support a Vibrant Local Food System for All!

Locally Delicious is raising funds in March and April that allow Food For People (FFP) to contract with local farmers to raise produce that will supply Food For People’s fresh pantry and produce distributions.  By supporting local farmers to plant food early in the season, this FFP Farmers Fund uniquely accomplishes two goals:  creating a sustainable local food system, and contributing to Humboldt County health through healthy food distribution to neighbors in need. 

The Humboldt Community has the rare opportunity to join in supporting local farmers and Food For People food bank to assure that hungry people have healthy local food to eat this year.

Food For People serves approximately 12,000 community members per month including families, individuals, and seniors whose income doesn’t allow for enough food during the month.  These neighbors are in need of fresh healthy food.  In 2014, FFP contracted with farmers to produce lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, winter squash, carrots, green beans, potatoes, and fresh herbs. 

In 2014, farmers that benefited from Locally Delicious Food Fund included: Grady Walker of Green Fire Farm in Hoopa, Frederick Diekmeyer of Luna Farm in Willow Creek, Kelsey & Ben Perone of Rain Frog Farm in Blue Lake, Ed Cohen of Earthly Edibles in Korbel, Jane VanderLinden of New Moon Organics in Shively, Beth Dunlap of Paradise Flat Farm in Shively, Marina Gomes of Blue Blossom Farm in Eureka, Spencer Hill of Small Fruits Farm in Hoopa, and Jeff Rockefeller of Produce Peddler Farm in McKinleyville.      

You can join Locally Delicious, St. Joseph’s Hospital Community Health Foundation, and others by contributing to the Food For People Farmers Fund:

Donate Here Now!

Checks may be sent to Locally Delicious, PO Box 309, Arcata, Ca 95518.

This model of a food bank partnering with local businesses and individual donors to contract for a fresh local food supply for those in need is unique in California.  It fills a critical need to strengthen local farmers’ capacity and secure adequate emergency food for low income neighbors and emergencies in Humboldt County.

Last year, Locally Delicious granted $10,500 from community funds raised, and from sales of their books (Locally Delicious and LunchBox Envy). These funds enabled Food For People to purchase 11,479 pounds of produce from local farmers.  Locally Delicious’ fundraising goal this year is to raise $7,500 in the community, and hopefully generate a match for that.  Join Locally Delicious by supporting this model program that bridges local food and neighbors in need of healthy food.


Locally Delicious, inc. is a non-profit organization engaged in educational activities that deal with the benefits of eating locally grown, organic food. We create and work on projects designed to support the increased production of local organic food, with an emphasis on making that food accessible to all. We advocate for a healthy and sustainable local food system.

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Featured Event

A Locally Delicious Dinner

at Folie Douce on May 4, 2015

Please join us for a delicious four-course dinner at Folie Douce on Monday, May 4.  Part of your bill will be donated by Chris Hollen, who owns Folie Douce, to Locally Delicious to support our local food work.

Reserve your table now by calling Folie Douce at (707) 822-1042! Seatings available from 5:30pm to 9pm.


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